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If your business wants to unlock new opportunities in the remote work space, then you’ve come to the right place!

What Type of Partner Are You?

✨ Distribution

Powering Growth, Together

✅ You want to earn commission by referring companies to SoWork

✅ You know remote-first businesses that could benefit from SoWork

✅ You are a marketer, distributor, or reseller and want to promote SoWork

🎉 Perks

Exclusive Benefits

✅ You want to add value to your own customers by offering SoWork to them

✅ You want to offer your product to SoWork customers at a discount

✅ You offer a complimentary service and want to explore bundling it with SoWork

🚀 Technology

Embracing Innovation

✅ You want to integrate SoWork into your product or service

✅ You have a product or service that you want to integrate into SoWork

✅ You want to build add-ons to SoWork

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Featured Partner


Health insurance for nomads, by nomads.

SafetyWing offers a premium health insurance option that can be used worldwide, providing you the flexibility to find the coverage you want, wherever you want. That can be public or private clinics in any country, and that plan goes with you wherever you go on your travels.

Partnership Benefit: Up to 35% off discount for health insurance.

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Featured Partner


Deel uncomplicates remote hiring and global payments by combining powerful software and localized partners into a straightforward dashboard so you can hire internationally.

Partnership Benefit: 15% off for employees, 20% off for contractors.

Exclusive Benefits from our Partners

Get Some Class

$200 promotional deal on a virtual networking program

GetSomeClass helps remote companies build great cultures by providing stupendously amazing virtual team building activities and thoughtful wisdom and wellness programming.

Sui Global

Proof of concept blockchain employee recognition

Sui is a decentralized permission smart contract platform biased towards low-latency management of assets.

Grupo Copa

Receive a discount on enhanced metaverse events and metrics

Grupo Copa is a Brazilian based company that helps you understand the growth levers of your digital business through data science.


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