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The Smart Digital Office

Teamwork. Culture. Crushing goals. You can be remote and have it all. You just need a SoWork office.

Loved by Remote Teams

Russell SngManager, Unity

My experience with SoWork's AI-powered office? The future of remote work, today. If you're thinking about any other virtual office, save yourself the time and: don't. SoWork is the only one.

NinaHR, Rocket Takeoffs

We couldn't work without SoWork. Company culture is up, turnover is down. We're more efficient and creative. Outstanding customer service, new features weekly.. this is the future.

Puneet GaurExecutive, NextQuarter

The Premium team analytics dashboard is something people will never get in an in-person environment. After looking at those dashboards, I would prefer my whole team to be remote.

The place remote teams love to meet.

Video Conferencing


Ease of Use


Ease of Admin


Quality of Support


Ease of Setup


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Feel like you're in the same room.

SoWork is your persistent, digital office. Your team comes in each day and works beside each other - literally.

"We finally feel like a real team" - you, when you try it.

Make communication (very) simple.

Just walk up and connect, instantly.

Goodbye, 60 minute calendar holds for a 5 minute question. Hello, moving work forward.

Unlock employee engagement.

How do you drive results?

Get your team engaged - with each other, your culture, the work. Then, work on the most important stuff.

How do you engage people remotely?

Give them a shared place to express themselves and their talents in a way that feels natural.

Work smarter, not harder.

Let SoWork find your biggest time-wasters. Engagement red flags. Best times for collaboration.

We pull out your most-needed insights. You take the short-cut to achieving your goals.

Offload unnecessary work to AI.

When your office is digital, you can offload work to technology.

Automated note-taking. AI-powered summaries with action items. Automatically integrated with the tools you use.

So your team can focus on the stuff that actually achieves goals.

Work together from anywhere.

Working remotely shouldn't keep you chained to your desk.

With the SoWork mobile app, you'll always feel like you're working beside your team.

Goodbye Gather, Kumo, Zoom. Hello SoWork. 👋🏻

Every tool remote teams need to get work done, together in one app

AI Meeting Summaries

Individual and Team Analytics

See when meetings happen

Unlimited Office Customization

Multiple Screenshare

Meeting Recordings

Background Noise Cancellation

Custom Backgrounds



Google Calendar



Mobile App


Password Protection


...and everything else you need to be a happy, engaged remote team.


What IS SoWork?

SoWork is your digital office. Your team comes in each day and works beside each other in this shared space that is customized to your unique culture. Your team will feel together, even if you're miles apart. Everyone will know what's happening around the office. Communication will be fast and simple with walk-up-and-connect video conferencing. AI will automate unnecessary work and pull out time-saving insights. With life-like customization, your team will engage with each other (think: decorating someone's desk for their birthday) and your culture (think: starting an 'Engineering Tip of The Day' board at the front door) in ways previously only possible in-person. All of this means your team feels more like a.. team. Work happens faster. People are happier and higher performing. Goals are achieved.

What makes SoWork a 'Smart' Digital Office?

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How much can I customize?

Can I replace other team softwares with SoWork?

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