SoWork Takes The Stage at TEDx

SoWork CEO, Vishal Punwani, took the stage at TEDxRoyalRoadsU. In his TEDx Talk, he shared the secret to building high-performance teams in the new world of work. We share the exciting talk and those secrets here.
Vishal Punwani, Co-founder & CEO
May 11, 2023

1: Your Team Needs a Place

When we worked in the IRL (in real life) office, a bunch of things ‘came for free’ – that we never had to think about.

The real life office gave us a shared place to be together, and that place and what we got from it – well, it turns out it’s significantly more important than any of us realized.

And when every company in the world constructed their digital work toolkit back in mid-2020, none of us knew we had to add it.

How Having A Place Is The Secret Behind Remote Team Performance

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2: Your Team Needs the Middle Moments

All those spontaneous ‘middle moments’ - the ‘between meetings meetings’ , the watercooler conversations - those are really important.

We lost these middle moments when we all switched from in person to Zoom and Slack. And it severely stunted organizational innovation.

Every day, meetings would be derailed because employees wanted to just talk to each other - to make up for all those lost office bump-ins.

How Spontaneous Middle Moments Solve Unproductive Meetings

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3: You Can't Have a Remote Culture Without 1 & 2

Think about it: ‘culture’ isn’t a line item. It isn’t a block in the calendar or something you can buy. It exists between everything.

Your culture is how your company makes decisions when you’re not there. And if your company is just sending text chats and having video calls, you’re always ‘not there’.

How can you create a culture if you don’t have a central place where people can drink that culture in, and use it to push their work forward? You can’t!

Imagine The Future Of Digital Work

Until SoWork, these pillars of work were inherently tied to being in person. But we changed that, by being able to replicate them online.

Think about that.

Because great work can happen digitally, we can now leverage technology to make work better, smarter, faster than ever before.

Imagine a world where your office crunches numbers, collects data, runs automations, talks to your customers, answers questions, connects you with your teammates, and makes suggestions for how you might improve your team bonding or productivity.

Imagine downloading an ‘update’ that applies the latest research-backed upgrades from the world’s best business schools - to your company, instantly.

How could you go back to working the old office way?

How Remote Teams Use AI To Eliminate Unproductive Meetings

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It's Already Here

All of this is possible and it’s coming sooner than you might think. So it might sound bold - but WE think…that we can fundamentally reshape HOW work happens, by shifting WHERE work happens. And that - is an idea worth spreading.

Does Your Team Need a Place?

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