Teammate, Guest and Admin Roles

Want to understand the different roles and permissions available in SoWork? This article will explain them.
The Manage Members menu in SoWork
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
April 6, 2023


What's the difference between a guest, teammate and admin? Read on to find out!


What's all this talk about space admins, teammates and guests? What the heck does it all mean?

These are different levels of permissions in SoWork :)

Here's the breakdown 😎

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Why would you want do this?! 🚀

  • You want to create new spaces and rooms
  • You want to upgrade someone from a guest to a teammate
  • You want to manage billing or your team's space settings
  • You want guests to have limited access to your space

*only admins can make others admins.

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