Shortcuts & Hotkeys

This article will go through all the shortcuts and hotkeys available in SoWork, to help you take actions faster.
SoWork hotkeys
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
May 3, 2023

SoWork has several slash commands and hotkeys. These are used to take actions faster.

Hotkeys in SoWork


Mute/Unmute: ~ or U

Video on/off: v

Raise hand: h


Open chat: shift + c


Zoom in: +

Zoom out: -

Open help: ctrl + h

Open 'what's happening': shift + f

Open notifications: shift + z


Open mapmaker: b

Copy selected objects: c

Delete selected object: delete

Rotate selected object: r

Slash Commands In SoWork

To see all slash commands in SoWork, press '/'. The most popular ones:

Talk above your head: /say

Wave: /wave

Bye: /bye

Beckon someone over: /beckon