'Raise Your Hand' In a Virtual Meeting

Need to say something during a meeting don't want to interrupt or jump ahead of someone else? This article will walk you through how to raise your hand in a remote meeting.
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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
March 28, 2023


We've all had questions in a meeting and didn't want to interrupt. With the Raise Hand function you can easily let your presenter know you have a question or comment without disrupting the flow of your meeting!


When you are in a meeting or proximity call, the first step is to select the emoji menu from the bottom left-corner of SoWork.

After selecting the emoji menu, you should see ✋ Raise Hand at the bottom of the menu

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Once you raise your hand you will see a new menu open under your video settings where you can see who all has raised their hand, and your emoji menu option will change to ✋Lower Hand

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If you open the menu in the top right, you will be able to see who in your meeting has raised their hand! (Handy right? 😉)

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Once you answer someone's question feel free to Lower their Hand, and then they will be able to raise it again if they have another question!

Why would you want do this?

You don't want to interrupt your meeting, but you've got a burning question🔥

You want to take a quick team vote, all in favor, raise your hand! ✋

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