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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
March 3, 2023


Onboarding your team into a new remote work tool can be daunting, let us take that burden off you by helping you set the expectations for your team.

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Setting Office Expectations

Just like in any physical office, your virtual office has rules and expectations to follow too, so make sure your team knows and understands your expectations!

This section will cover some ways other teams have set expectations for their teams.

  • Work is a team sport, and SoWork is a platform to help you make that work seamless! 💫
  • First, make sure you invite your team! 👥 Getting your team acclimated will help everyone to integrate easily into SoWork.
  • To help your team understand the basics we recommend selecting one person to be your SoWork Guide who will be your go-to of basic knowledge and concepts.

✨ We have plenty of resources in our Help Center for both your guide and your team. We have found that having someone who is knowledgeable with the product on your team is very helpful!

✨ Set an expectation of how often your team should be in SoWork.

  • SoWork is more than just a meeting tool. Having your team spend a few hours a day in SoWork encourages spontaneous interactions and culture building that other meeting tools lack.

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✨Most teams who use SoWork have found the best way to be productive and help their team really find the cultural growth they were looking for was through setting an expectation of time they would spend in their SoWork Office.

For this reason we recommend the following:

  • Set a block of time everyday where your entire team will work out of your SoWork office outside of a company-wide meeting.
  • Ask your team to use SoWork for all their meetings, including one-on-ones, team meetings, outside guest/client meetings, and company-wide meetings. This helps to build the habit of using SoWork as a tool and daily driver to get work done.
  • For meetings in SoWork you can use Proximity, being near another user in the world, or you can use a Private Meeting, where no one can interrupt without your permission. Just because there are other people in the room doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your privacy! 🤫

In the end there is so much to gain from using SoWork to interact with your team and build a strong culture. The best way to do this is to go up and speak to your teammates in the office. After all, we all grow together! 🌱🌻

After your team sets their meeting expectations, it's great to set status expectations.

  • Teams use 🟢 when they're open to having a chat, being asked a quick question, or collaborating with others.
  • Teams use 🔴 and signify if they will be right back, if they're grabbing food or doing errands, OR if they're heads down for some deep work.

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