Submitting a Help Ticket

SoWork has a live chat and is able to come to your office for live support. Need to get ahold of us? We'll show you how here.
The SoWork website and their help icon
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
April 5, 2023


If nothing in our Help Center was able to assist you, then this article will help you get what you need lightning fast! 🌩️


Here's how to submit a ticket in SoWork!

1. From our website with our Help Icon! (It's a smile because we are happy to help!) 😄

A SoWork Image

This will open our Live Chat window just click "Send a Message" and we will be with you shortly!

A SoWork Image

2. If you are in SoWork and need to submit a ticket you can right from your Office!

Select the question mark icon beside Sophia Bot in the lower right menu. From there, select "Talk to Us."

A SoWork Image

A SoWork Image

Why would you want do this?

  • You never know when you need a helping hand! 🤝
  • Maybe you found a bug 🐛 and want to report it! (Thanks for that 😉)