How to Set Your Working Hours

Need to know when Stan in Marketing starts his day? Hover over his name!
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
February 22, 2023


Working remotely it can be tough to know when your colleagues in different timezones start work, so let SoWork take the guess work out for you.

🚀 Walkthrough

✨ First, Open the Character Menu in the bottom left of your screen.

✨ Next, select Edit Profile.

✨ Here, select "Working Hours".

✨ On this screen you can set your timezone, working days, and working hours. When you're finished simply select "Save"

Note: SoWork will automatically determine your timezone, but you can manually set it.

But wait - how do I view a teammate's working hours?

Great question! Simply hover over their avatar in the world.

You can also see how much overlap time you have left with someone by hovering over their name in the "What's Happening" menu.

Why would you want do this?

🏛️ You're tired of living in the past of guessing when someone works, it's time to know!

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