How to Set Your Status

Setting yourself to 'unavailable' and want to let your teammates know how long you might be gone for? We'll show you how to use the status feature to do that.
A SoWork teammate updating their status while they're away for a moment
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
April 4, 2023


In SoWork there are two default settings, available and unavailable. Easy right?

🚀 Walkthrough

✨ To set your status to Unavailable simply select Available in your video tile and click the toggle icon.

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✨ After toggling you are now considered Unavailable. This means no one can connect to you for a proximity call, and you can leave a status so your team knows why you are currently unavailable. To do that, simply select the status of your choice.

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✨ Now, when someone tries to click on your profile they will see you are unavailable and why.

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Did you know you're able to customize what shows up under your video tile? You're now able to pin and unpin items that you'd like easier access to.

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Why would you want do this?

🎧 Deep Work Time! You need your privacy and you need it now!

🍔 Lunch break! Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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