How to Set up a Private Meeting

Sometimes meetings require privacy! Let's make that happen.
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
February 23, 2023


Striking up a conversation by walking up to someone is magical! Remember when we used to do that IRL?

But sometimes you need privacy - a business meeting, a 1-on-1, or any situation where randos walking in would derail the conversation. Private meetings can give you what you need.

Note: 💡 When in a private meeting you will have a blue circle beneath your feet and others cannot walk up and immediately join. They must ask to join.


There are four different ways to start a private meeting. All are available to you and you can use any of them at any time.

#1. Click on an avatar and invite them to a private meeting

  • Click on an avatar to open the avatar menu
  • Select 'Invite To Meeting'

#2. Convert a current video conference into a private meeting

Already in a meeting that you want to make private?

  • Click the Lock icon in the bottom meeting menu
  • Select 'Convert To a Private Meeting'

#3. Invite many people to a private meeting

Send out private meeting invites to select individuals by 'Creating a New Private Meeting'

  • Click the group meeting icon in the bottom left menu
  • Select 'Create a New Private Meeting'
  • Select all those who you'd like to join the meeting

🐱‍👤 Why use a private meeting?

Sometimes you need privacy for conversations and we've seen all kinds of ways people leverage these:

  • Speed networking or mentoring
  • Confidential meetings: 1-on-1s, client meetings etc.
  • Party planning committees
  • Lunch breaks!

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