How to Send a Direct Message In SoWork

Find out how to send a direct message (DM) to your teammates within your SoWork office.
An image that highlights the chat icon in SoWork
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
March 28, 2023


Feeling chatty? Need to ask a quick question? Learn how to send a DM to your teammates and pals within SoWork :)

💌 DM Walkthrough

Let's get to it!

✨ Find the person you'd like to message in the What's Happening list denoted by the ⚡️ icon.

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✨ Hover over their name and click the "..." - from there, select Message

✨A chat box will open up, and you can send your message!

✨ You can also attach a photo or file by clicking on the paperclip.

✨ To find your list of direct messages, click the Chat button in the lower left menu.

🔊 Note: To mute your message notifications, press the sound icon :)

💡Note: Did you know you're able to resize your chat window? Just hover over the perimeter of the window and drag to the right.

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A SoWork Image

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