Leave a Memo for Your Teammate

Need to pass along information or want a teammate to grab you when they're next free? We'll show you how to use SoWork memos.
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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
April 4, 2023


Don't worry about waiting for someone to come back anymore. Leave them a memo and get back to work!

🚀 Walkthrough

✨ To leave a memo, first walk up to someone who is set to unavailable and select Leave a Memo.

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✨ Next select the message you would like to leave.

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✨Once selected, you'll see an option to leave a custom message! Cool, right?

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✨ Select Send Memo.

✨ Now the person you sent it to will see it in the tool bar next to their name.

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✨ Let's see what the memo says!

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Why would you want do this?

✏️ Someone left and you want to leave a quick note!

Its easier to triage left behind memos than 40+ emails.

Still need help?

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