External Meetings in SoWork

Let's discover how to invite external visitors to your Office!
A SoWorker admiring her new external meetings area in her Office.
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
September 5, 2023

Let's uncover the best ways to invite external visitors into your Office. Meeting Zone links, Guest Passes, and external-only meeting areas make this simpler than ever.

Here's how 😎

First, let's discuss what a Guest Pass is. Guest Passes are also known as 'Day Passes' or 'Guest Access'. They're a short-term, feature-restricted pass that lets visitors come to your office for free.

Who are Guest Passes intended for?

Temporary visitors to the office that aren't teammates.

This could be:

  • a client/customer
  • board meeting
  • interviewee
  • An intern who only comes in 1x/week

✨For more on what guests can and cannot do, and steps on how to give guests access, check out this article.

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Meeting Zone Links and External-Only Meeting Areas

✨ Walk into the Meeting Zone that you'd like to invite your guests into. This can be in one of the many options in the External Meetings Only area, or any other Office Meeting Zone of your choosing.

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Note: If you like, you can create a custom Guests-Only area using the Zones category in Mapmaker.

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✨ If you don't have the What's Happening Menu open, look for the pink outlined Meeting Card that will appear above your lower left toolbar.

✨ If you do have the What's Happening Menu open, your pink Meeting Card will appear there, under My Current Zone.

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✨ You can generate and copy a link for your guest from there, as well as change the name of the Zone to match what you're meeting about.

Note: You must be an Admin or Teammate to invite new Guests into your space.

✨ When your visitor clicks the meeting link you've sent them, they'll immediately load into the SoWork Meeting Zone that you generated the link from (and not at the usual room entrance), and your audio and video will connect.

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That's it - time to show off your Office and get down to business!

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