Add Interactions to Mapmaker Objects

✨ Make them links, portkeys, food trucks, videos and more (oh my!)
A SoWork teammate decorating the office with Mapmaker
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
March 30, 2023


The objects in your space aren't just beautiful, they're useful too. Admins of your space can set them up to:

🎥 Display onboarding videos

📃 Share documentation

🍔 Access food integrations like UberEats or DoorDash

🤣 Make you laugh (by sharing jokes, memes, gifs etc.)

Let's walk through how to do that, shall we?

🎉 Walkthrough

1. Add any object from the Mapmaker to your map. In this example we've placed a whiteboard.

A SoWork Image

2. To add an Image, press 'I' and then upload an image. The image will be overlaid on the object.

A SoWork Image
A SoWork Image

3. To add other integrations, select the object and press 'E' Doing so will unfurl a new menu of options.

**Note: this is only possible if you are an Admin of the space.

A SoWork Image

Broadcast Podium: Allow people to walk up to your object and make announcements to everyone.

Embedded Page: Add an embed link (typically to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.). This will open a screen that will play the video without needing to leave SoWork.

External Link: Add an external link - a Google Doc, a Miro board, a website - and people who interact with your object will be taken to that link in another tab.

Food: Integrates links to UberEats and DoorDash. People can click the object and then order their food :)

Game: Connects to a suite of games collected from around the web (Smash Karts, Skribble, etc.).

Teleport: Creates a Harry Potter like portkey, where people can touch the object and teleport to a map of your choosing.

Travel Menu: Adds a teleportation menu for people to select from and travel to.

Upload File: Uploads a file - a PDF, a meme, a joke - that people can see.

Whiteboard: Integrates with any live whiteboard for people to collaborate on in real time.

Why would you want do this?

Unlike the real world 🥱, the digital world offers us so many possibilities. Customize your space with objects and fill them with clues for a scavenger hunt. Build an onboarding room with docs and videos for new teammates. Whatever you want, you can build here!

Still need help?

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