A Guide to Spawn Points

Hello SoWorkers! Let's answer some of your questions about spawn points.
A SoWorker entering the Office at their spawn point
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
October 6, 2023

Hello SoWorkers! Let's answer some of your questions about spawn points. A spawn point is the exact location in your Office where your avatar lands as they enter your space.

Wanna know where your Office spawn point is? Just hit refresh!

Here's a few things to note:

✨ Your Office must have one spawn point

✨ You can't have more than one spawn point

Special Note:

If you'd like to have folks land at particular locations for a meeting vs. change the overall spawn point for everyone, you can use Meeting Zone Links.

Guests or Teammates that you invite into your Office using a Meeting Zone Link will spawn and load directly into that specified Meeting Zone, ready to go!

For more on that, you can check out this Meeting Zone Links article 🙂

Original Spawn Point

Your original spawn point will be where you first land in your Office. In this spot, you'll see this icon.

A SoWork Image

Moving Your Spawn Point

If you'd like to move your spawn point, open Mapmaker by pressing your 'B' key.

A SoWork Image

From there, scroll over to the Office Tools category, and select the spawn point object (circle with two footprints inside it). Place this object in the location you'd like your new spawn point to be.

A SoWork Image

Click on the object while still in Mapmaker, and an edit menu will pop up. Then, select 'E' to edit the object, then select Spawn Point from the dropdown menu.

A SoWork Image

After placing your new spawn point, move over to your old spawn area, and while in Mapmaker, select it and press 'Delete'.

A SoWork Image

And that's it! Enjoy :)