Feel Like a Team

Piles of chat messages. Overflowing calendars. ‘Mandatory fun’ Zoom-time. And your remote team still doesn’t feel like a team.

Ditch that.

Switch to a SoWork office. Natural interactions, real collaboration, and higher productivity. In a place that actually feels like your culture.

Every Meeting Type You Need

Whether it's a spontaneous video connection, a private meeting with confidential information, or a team meeting zone for All Hands - SoWork has everything you need for productive, remote coworking.

Smarter, Productive Meetings

Sophia Bot will summarize what was discussed, provide action items, and outline decisions made.

Cut out follow-up meetings because everyone has a summary of what happened. Remove extra meetings to catch other teammates up. And shift into action immediately, because the next steps are outlined for you.

Always Be "in the know" With Your Team

A SoWork virtual office makes it super easy to get signal on what your teammates are up to and who's around - enabling you to communicate quickly and move projects forward effortlessly.

Meetings, Calendar Events, coworkers in the break room or doing deep work, we've got you covered.

Your Office, Your Culture

With SoWork's MapMaker and character editor, your office will represent your team. Your culture.

Recreate the physical office for a lot less rent. Put your company values on the wall, so your team can use them every day.

Use templates to do it quickly, or customize everything to your liking. Express yourself.

Straightforward, Team-friendly Pricing

🤗 Free

For small teams on a budget
$0 /user/month

Free includes:

✔️ Up to 10 teammates

✔️ Any size Office

✔️ Unlimited customization

✔️ Unlimited meetings

⚠️ 30-minute meeting length

⚠️ Audio-only meetings

⚠️ No Basic or Premium features

⚠️ Limited support

🌱 Basic

For teams getting work done
$6.00 /user/month

Free features, plus

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Unlimited video and audio meetings

✔️ Unlimited meeting length

✔️ Deluxe furniture and clothing

⚠️ No Premium features

⚠️ Limited support


For hyper-efficient teams
$13.00 /user/month

Basic features, plus

✔️ Unlimited teammates

✔️ Meeting recordings (more)

✔️ AI meeting summaries (more)

✔️ Team analytics

✔️ Noise cancellation

✔️ Zapier integrations

✔️ Priority support

Work Better, Collapse Tools, Save Money.

SoWork offers better virtual meetings than your video conferencing tool. A life-like digital office experience that replaces your 'culture building' apps. And AI features that rival your transcription and meeting summaries tool. All in one product, for a fraction of the total cost.

Cost Per Tool (10 Teammates)

Amount Saved Monthly by Switching to SoWork


The cost of SoWork per user for a premium plan is $10 a month.


SoWork = yes
SoWork = yes


The cost of Slack per user for a business plan is $15 a month.


SoWork = yes


SoWork = yes


The cost of Zoom per user for a business plan is $19.99 a month.


SoWork = yes


SoWork = yes

Microsoft Teams

The cost of Microsoft Teams per user for a premium plan is $26.40 a month.


SoWork = yes


SoWork = yes


The cost of Otter.AI per user for a business plan is $30 a month.


SoWork = yes


SoWork = yes