330 Hours Back Each Week. Ya.

8 hours saved by killing unproductive meetings

10 hours saved per teammate by removing Slack pingpong

10 hours gained in sheer output from reduced anxiety and distraction

12 hours saved from all the effects of poor collaboration, communication, disengagement and unhealthy relationships

THAT is what the average 30-person remote team gets by having Teamwork Blocks on their calendar.

What's a Teamwork Block?

They're something every successful remote team we work with has implemented.

So they can save time, energy, money and bring their team back together to a shared place. To drive results, fast.

Everyone does it a little bit differently, but we've pulled out the important principles so you can do it your way.

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Set it up in 15 minutes

The simple steps you need to get set up in no time.

Ready to save your remote team hundreds of hours per week, be more productive, and have fun doing it?