SoWork Feature List

Meetings in SoWork

The core of the SoWork virtual office experience: simply walk up to another teammate to connect over a video or audio call! As long as both teammates are set to "Available" they'll connect and have a meeting. From there you can invite others, launch your many meeting tools, convert the meeting to private, and much more.

An image of a spontaneous meeting in SoWork

What a spontaneous meeting between teammates looks like in SoWork

Meeting Zones

SoWork offers preset Meeting Zones for you and your team, for example: "All Hands", "Team Standups", "Break Rooms" and many, many more. If you're feeling creative, you can even make your own custom zones in Mapmaker.

An image of a team video meeting in a meeting zone

An All Hands meeting in SoWork


SoWork brings screenshare to the fold with all the bells and whistles you'd expect: multiple screenshares, emoji reactions, and more.

An image of the screenshare feature in SoWork

Teammates using Screenshare in SoWork

Emoji Reactions

Who doesn't like expressing themselves? Whether in a video meeting or just sitting at your work spot, in-world emoji reactions serve as a fun communication method to let teammates know what you think.

An image of emoji reactions in a SoWork meeting

Emoji reactions are a great way to liven up any SoWork meeting

Meeting Recordings

Meeting Recordings are a great way to enhance productivity and save time and money across your team. You can record your video meetings and share the recording with attendees or Teammates who were unable to attend.

An image of what a meeting recording looks like in SoWork

A Meeting Recording in SoWork between 3 Teammates

Meeting Summaries and Meeting Library (Codex)

SoWork offers automated Meeting Summaries powered by our Smart Office AI Assistant Sophia. Sophia can summarize your meeting, assign action items, and share or email the summary to anyone of your choosing.

SoWork's Meeting Library (your 'Codex'), is your one-stop shop for all of your team's Meeting Summaries. Here, you can quickly browse meetings you've attended or missed, and even read select Meeting Summaries that Teammates have shared with you.

An image of AI generated meeting notes shared in SoWork

What a shared AI powered meeting summary looks like in SoWork

Teammate Connection Insights

Studies show that teammates feel happiest and fulfilled at work when they have strong connections with at least 3-5 teammates. In your virtual office in SoWork, you can make sure that happens.

Connection Insights help you to see at a glance who your closest Teammates are, and who you might want to start talking to more to make sure they feel included on the team, too.

An image of how SoWork bubbles up connection insights for you and your teammates

Connection Insights show you how recently you've connected with your most important teammates

What's Happening

The "What's Happening" tab in your SoWork Office makes it super easy to get signal on what your teammates are up to and who's around - enabling you to communicate quickly and collaborate and brainstorm effortlessly.

An image of the What's Happening feature in SoWork

The "What's Happening" tab lets you get a quick pulse on Office activity in a matter of moments

Online Status and Working Hours

Whether it's time for deep work or if IRL beckons you can set your avatar's online status accordingly. Available let's others connect to you via proximity while Unavailable let's other's know that you're away.

Working hours let your teammates know what times you’re working and are generally available. At the end of your day when you are offline, they will also let others know when you'll be back.

An image of availability insights in SoWork

Availability insights help you collaborate efficiently


Decision and notification fatigue is real but in SoWork we'll do the heavy lifting for you. With at a glance memo notifications you can quickly see and prioritize tasks around unblocking projects and moving work forward versus catching up or teammate bonding.

An image of the SoWork memo system

SoWork's Memos help lower the burden of decision and notification fatigue

Mapmaker and Avatars

SoWork's Mapmaker offers everything from preset options to fully customizable offices, furniture, landscapes, Meeting Zones, holiday themes, importable map art and objects, and more. If you can dream it, you can do it in SoWork!

An image of the mapmaker feature with custom avatars

A few examples of custom offices and teammate avatars in SoWork

My Workspot

Having your own spot in your virtual Office is a great way to let others know where to find you and gives you the opportunity to decorate your desk and walls in style with our Mapmaker. When you're offline your Workspot serves as a beacon location where teammates can message and leave you memos for when you return.

MyWorkspot feature in SoWork

An example of an interactable "My Workspot" beacon for an offline teammate

Teammates, Guests, and Day Passes

All SoWork plans allow an unlimited amount of teammates in your virtual office. Teammates have access to all core features in SoWork.

Guests are temporary visitors to your virtual office, they have fewer permissions and cannot access your Office's Premium features or teammate data (like Mapmaker and Meeting Summaries).

A Day Pass grants your Guests access to your Office for 24 hours. A new one will need to be issued every day.

An image of teammate management settings in SoWork

SoWork's Teammate Management tab makes it easy to manage permissions in your virtual office.

Slack and Google Calendar

With integrations for Slack, Google Calendar, and more, you can streamline your app switching so you can spend more time on the work that really matters.

An image of Google Calendar events imported into SoWork

One of SoWork's calendar integrations

Why Remote Teams Love SoWork 💜

Christopher S

SoWork has played a crucial role in bringing our team closer together. One of the key factors for us was giving each team member the opportunity to create their own unique and engaging work environment. With SoWork, it's incredibly easy for team members to connect online, collaborate, and engage with one another.

Jana E
Strategy and Innovation Specialist

SoWork has not only heightened the hybrid work experience, it has surpassed it. Today, there are many features on the platform that I wish we had in real-life. These are so good and make so much sense that we even tried to implement some of these features in our physical office.

Russell S
Developer Relations Manager

SoWork’s AI note-taking tool is just a game-changer. This feature automatically takes notes during meetings and transcribes them for easy reference later on.

These automated meeting summaries save time and ensure that important information is not missed, and action items are automatically created.

Morgan T
MD-PhD Candidate at Harvard

I've had phenomenal coworking and also social experiences on SoWork - night and day from remote work on Zoom because interactions among teammates feel so much more natural and spontaneous.

In my experience the SoWork team is also super-responsive to feedback and needs of customers.

Diego T
Mid-Market Business Owner

SoWork is stable and offers great audio and video quality.

Emily F
Investor, Mama, Wife

SoWork bridges the gap between physical distance to bring teams closer and foster a sense of of unity, engagement, and productivity.

I wholeheartedly recommend SoWork to anyone seeking to elevate their remote work experience.

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