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Unlimited teammates
Small office size
Unlimited guest passes per week

✅ Security and privacy
✅ Dial in and mobile
✅ Full office customization

❌ Broadcast
❌ Meeting recordings
❌ Meeting summaries
❌ Automated business intelligence
❌ Priority support


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Have a hybrid or part-time workforce?

We'll create a space that suits whatever you need!
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Why Premium? Meeting Recordings!

Meeting recordings are a great way to enhance productivity and save time and money across your team:

💸 Share with those who couldn't attend
💸 Store videos for training and onboarding
💸 Eliminate the need for follow-up calls

Why Premium?
Meeting Summaries!

Automated meeting summaries (in beta) are a concise and effective way to capture the key points and decisions made during a meeting.

Using SoWork's very own Sophia Bot, Sophia can send out a summary, coordinate action items, and more.