Where Remote Teams Work

Teams that work together, work well together.

Bring the 'place' back to your team, no matter where, when, or how you work.

Stop the notification madness & drowning in pings & invites. Crush your deadlines & make real progress, together as a team.

It's that simple.

Slack is not a workplace.

Your business operates differently as a remote team, and your tech stack needs to support your team & those differences. The same tools that supported your team in a physical office are not likely to support your digital-first team.

You added Zoom and Slack to your tech stack, so you’re all set, right?

How's that working out? For most, not well. Not well at all.

Remote teams that crush it have learned a secret...

They work beside each other on a regular cadence. In the same place.

Stop hearing...

"Spent 8 hours on Slack, feeling anxious, spent all day in meetings but didn't get what I needed to done, still feeling out of the loop and lonely."

Bring your team back together to work from the same place, and do better work, faster.

Add virtual office Teamwork Blocks to your Team's schedule today.

Bring Back Your Workplace

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A large virtual office space

Straight-forward, team friendly pricing

Free Office


A small, virtual office for you and your team.
Space for teams of 4-6 people to comfortably work from the office at the same time.

Shared 'small office' workspace map, because sharing is caring

Unlimited members and guests, but please be respectful of space limits. There definitely isn't room to park in the conference room all day!

Personal expression for teammates, through customer avatar creation

Integrations to make your office delightful, like vending machines hooked up to delivery services

Custom branding to let your office represent you and your values


Over 100 team members?
We'll create a space that suits whatever you need.

All Premium Office features plus:

Unlimited team members


Custom everything