Is Your Remote Team Performing At Their Best?

Is your remote team disengaged? Is work not getting done at the velocity it needs to? Remote teams need to navigate distance, timezones, other obstacles to get great work done together. Left unaccounted for, these have a massive impact on performance.
Remote team sitting in a virtual conference room
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
December 11, 2022

Is Your Remote Team's Performance at Risk?

From our work with high performing remote teams around the world, we learned that leaders and their teammates struggle with a common set of challenges.

These challenges impact engagement (with the people, the culture, the work), and overall performance (as individuals, teams, and ultimately the entire company).

The bad news? These challenges were costing teams hours and millions in lost time and money. The good news? Each of them was easily solvable.

The even better news? We learned that one simple solution had a huge impact on 80-90% of the problems. We were as shocked as you are! And we were falling prey to these problems too, so we were motivated to solve them!

So, we worked with thousands of remote teams to develop this productivity & engagement risk assessment.

How the Team Performance Assessment Works

We start by figuring out the 'remote traits' your remote team has. These traits are associated with the challenges we see in remote teams who are battling symptoms of performance breakdown. We ask a few questions to figure out where you are along these traits compared to other teams like yours.

From here, we can share with you your performance 'score'. This score tells you how likely you are to experience performance challenges, what they are, why they happen.

When you read them, they may feel too familiar. For some, you may not be experiencing these pains today, which would be great! That means you're able to be proactive with preventing them from impacting your team.

What Happens Next?

We said above that we learned a secret from working with other remote teams. That, as we dug into solving these performance pains with them, we learned that one simple solution was a huge first step in addressing 80-90% of their performance challenges.

At the end of the assessment, we'll share that solution with you. And, we'll give you resources you can use to implement it, in or outside of SoWork.


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