How To Focus In a Meeting

In a remote meeting and need to focus just on the meeting itself, not the office around you? We'll show you how to focus what you see, so you can have a productive meeting.
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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
February 17, 2023


With SoWork's new Meeting Focus Mode you can easily hide the world around you and focus on the meeting happening right in front of you!

πŸš€ Walkthrough

In any type of meeting with another person, you will see the "Hide World" button in the top right corner of their video tile.

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Now, you will enter Meeting Focus Mode where you will see your SoWork office in the bottom right corner of your screen, and your meeting participants will be the focus of your screen.

To exit Meeting Focus Mode simply select "Show World" by hovering over the tile of your office in the bottom right corner.

Why would you want do this?

🏒 Being in the office all day gets tiring, sometimes we need to focus up!

🌴 Someone in your office serially mapmaking? Just focus up!

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