How to Add Custom Logos or Images to Objects

Add your branding to tables, whiteboards, and more!
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
March 8, 2023


We've all been where we want to showcase the awesome work our design teams do, so let's show off the awesome logo or design they made for us! With this guide you'll learn how to showcase the awesome work they do for your team!


How to Add a Custom Logo

First, You will need to open the Mapmaker in your space by pressing "B" on your keyboard.

Next, click 'Office Tools'

Select the size and orientation of the logo you would like to use, and place it on the ground.

First, you will see the SoWork Logo, but that's just a placeholder! Now, you will learn how to customize it. 😄

Select the logo you placed in the Mapmaker, and you will now see a menu of options. Select "I" to add a custom image to the logo.

Select "Add Image" and select an image from your computer.

Next, Save or Replace the image you selected

Ta-Da! 🎉 Your perfect Logo has arrived!

Adding a Logo or Image to an Object

Go to a room where you have an item you want to add an image to. This might be a table, a whiteboard, a sign. Just to name a few!

Open the Mapmaker by pressing "B" on your keyboard, and click the item you want to add an image onto.

Press "I" on your keyboard, to open the image selection menu

Press "Add Image" and select the file you want to upload

Once you select a file, select "Save"

Now, go forth and add as many logos and images as you want!

How to delete a Logo or Image

Open the Mapmaker with "B" again, and select the item you want to remove the imagery from

Select "Delete" and then "Save"

Easy as pie 🥧 to clean up special events you want to have in your office!

Why would you want do this?

  • You want to showcase a new logo, or make a room feel unique for the people working in it
  • Your team is having a special event and want to have special decorations!

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