Customizing Floors and Walls in SoWork

Need some tips on customizing your floors and walls? Let's get started!
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Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
May 4, 2023

Time to customize your space to your heart's content! ❀️

Adding/Editing Floors and Walls πŸŽ‰

To change the floors using Mapmaker, press 'B', and scroll over to the 'Floors' area.

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To change the walls using Mapmaker, press 'B', and scroll over to the 'Walls' area.

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Once there, you'll see a large selection of wall and flooring options (moss, glass, concrete, tile, brick, sand, wood, etc.).

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Let's say I'd like to change this grassy patch to wood flooring. All you need to do is:

✨ Select the flooring type you'd like from the 'Floors' menu

✨ Drag to it's new location, and click to place it down

✨ In the 'Walls' menu, you can follow these same steps to select and place a wall - nice!

Ooops, made a mistake? Here's how to delete floors and walls!

πŸ’‘Special Note:

If you'd like to delete a wall, ensure you're in the 'Walls' category of Mapmaker, and if you'd like to delete flooring, make sure you're in the 'Floors' category!

✨ Select the area you'd like to delete and press the 'Delete' key on your keyboard

✨ Next, replace the walls/flooring using the steps above πŸ”₯ Easy!

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Not quite right? Let's discover how to rotate a wall!

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✨ Select the wall you'd like to rotate and press the 'R' key on your keyboard

✨ Repeat this step until your wall is where you'd like it to be, and place it down

✨ You can follow these same steps to rotate your flooring

Floors and Walls Tips πŸ’‘

1. Need more room? Walls can be deleted, and your office can be expanded!

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2. Watch out! There are some objects that look like walls - like in the 'Divider' category in Mapmaker, but to delete or edit these, you'll have to be in the main 'Furniture' section, and not in the 'Walls' section of Mapmaker.

✨ Have a look at some examples below! These objects may look like walls, but they're actually in the 'Dividers' area :)

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3. Did you know that you can drag and place multiple floors/walls at the same time?

✨Here's how!

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Still need help?

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