Call-in to Your Meetings From Anywhere

The virtual office gets bigger, you can now call-in away from your computer to your meetings!
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
February 22, 2023


Your virtual office used to be stopped by the bounds of where you could access a computer, but now you can call-in by phone to any meeting!

🚀 Walkthrough

✨ To easily have a colleague join a meeting by phone you will first need to select the meeting icon from the bottom left menu bar.

✨ Next, select "Create Dial-In Invitation" From this menu you will be prompted to join a Private Meeting so you can invite your colleague.

✨ On the following screen you will see the instructions to send to your colleague.

✨ Here your colleague will need to call the appropriate number for their location, and then enter the 12-digit code when prompted on the phone.

✨ Like magic, you and your colleague will be connected, and you will still be able to maneuver the world too!

Why would you want do this?

🌍 Sometimes you can't have your computer, or have a connection problem - now you can call-in to your meeting!

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