All About Guest Access!

Want to learn more about guest passes/day passes? Read on :)
The invitation modal in SoWork
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
May 25, 2023

What's a day pass?

✨Also known as a 'guest pass' or 'guest access' ✨

A short-term, feature-restricted pass that lets visitors come to your office for free.

✨ Guests can't:

  • Use Mapmaker - add, change, delete items
  • Access Team Settings - member management/billing
  • Access Strong Connections - they won't be a part of space analytics
  • View the Activity Feed to see notable events - located on the loading page
  • Use the Broadcast feature
  • Access Sophia Bot or Meeting Summaries

πŸ’‘ Note: These restrictions are in place as your guest isn't a member of the office (teammate or admin).

✨ Guests can:

  • Participate in meetings and broadcasts
  • Interact with embedded objects

Who is it intended for?

Temporary visitors to the office that aren't teammates.

This could be:

  • a client/customer
  • board meeting
  • interviewee
  • An intern who only comes in 1x/week

How do they work?

  • Guest passes are valid for 24 hours, then they expire
  • If a guest uses an expired link, they won't have access, and will need to 'knock' to enter the office
  • A new link will need to be generated, or they can use the URL/knock system

How do you give guests day passes to your office?

There are two methods, as noted below, and both will give the person guest level permissions for a 24 hour period.

✨ You can...

Give them the URL to your space, and they can enter anonymously or via Google, Facebook, email, etc. and will have 24 hour access.

With this method, the guest will enter a lobby area and will be required to "knock" to gain access.

From here, a member of the space (teammate or admin), will be notified and able to let them in :)

✨ Or, generate a link

Head to the 'Profile & Account' area of the lower left toolbar and select the 'Settings' wheel.

A SoWork Image

Then head to 'Team Settings', and then to 'Invite Members'

A SoWork Image

Here, you'll be able to invite your guest via email or link. Remember to select 'Guest' in the dropdown menu :)

You can then select 'Send Invitation' if sending the day-pass guest access via email, or 'Generate Link' if you want to copy/paste your link and send it via another method (like via Slack).

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