Virtual Workplace Productivity and Collaboration - How Savage Global Marketing Uses SoWork

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Russ Bashaw, Web and Marketing
September 11, 2023

Savage Global Marketing is a digital marketing, design, and creative agency. With a staff consisting of teammates in the United States, Europe, and South America, increasing virtual collaboration and productivity has been at the top of Founder and CEO Christoper Savage's mind.

"As the global business landscape evolves, companies like ours need accommodating remote work models." -Christopher Savage

Upon discovering SoWork the team moved into their own space and started discerning value immediately. "We tried a few other similar software options, but none of them had the user interface we were looking for nor the ability to provide an experience close to working in a real office," noted Savage.

When entering Global Savage Marketing's Virtual Office you are greeted with a contemporary and vibrant aesthetic feel due to the space's layout. Personal workspots, cubicles, and office hangout areas hug all four walls of the office while the center of the office space is reserved for themed meeting rooms: company get togethers, one-on-ones, stand ups, and even meeting zones marked for rest and relaxation give the Savage Global Marketing team everything they need to meet productively

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Collaboration Zones in SoWork enable teammates to connect quickly and seamlessly for impromptu video meetings

"One of the key factors for us was giving each team member the opportunity to create their own unique and engaging work environment. With SoWork, it's incredibly easy for team members to connect online, collaborate, and engage with one another," explains Savage.

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A personalized workspot in Global Savage Marketing's virtual office

In their virtual office the company uses a keen combination of avatar location and online status to offer availability insights to others. Teammates sit in deep work areas when they're online but don't want to be disturbed and sit at their desks when they're online and available. When stepping out for lunch or to run errands they'll park themselves in break rooms or sit in outside areas of the office so others know they're still around for the day, they've just stepped out for a bit.

It's this value of availability signalling, seamless collaboration, team building, and individual expression in a remote world that has Christopher excited about his team's transition into their virtual office. "This extends beyond software adoption, it’s a glimpse into the future of work. Observing the positive transformation this introduces to our work environment is genuinely exhilarating.”

When asked directly how SoWork fosters an increase in teammate productivity Christopher beams, "This is intuitive collaboration being generated by a seamless virtual environment that defies geographical boundaries. SoWork has played a crucial role."

Every Meeting Type You Need

Whether it's a spontaneous video connection, a private meeting with confidential information, or a team meeting zone for All Hands - SoWork has everything you need for productive, remote coworking.

Your Office, Your Personality

From preset options to fully customizable offices, characters, and importable map art and objects - we've got you covered. If you can think it up chances are you can do it in SoWork. Welcome to the virtual office that gives you the freedom of expression to be yourself.