Using Productive Meeting Tools in SoWork Compared to Gather Town

There's so much that can be done in a virtual office, and levelling up your meeting is definitely one of them.
A buzzing SoWork office and a list of some productivity features
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
June 22, 2023

There's so much that can be done in a virtual office, and levelling up your meeting is definitely one of them. When we look at tools for a more productive meeting in both applications, there's quite a few similarities and differences to highlight. Have a peek at the table below for a nice summary!

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SoWork has an extensive list of features that touch the productivity area - from meeting recordings, to calling in to your meeting from your phone while you're on the go, and much more. The biggest standout feature from SoWork is of course, Sophia Bot - saving your team time and energy by making meetings more productive. Sophia Bot can summarize your meeting and provide your team with all of the relevant action items that were discussed. You can learn more about Sophia Bot here.

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Although gather town doesn't have the productivity tools and smart AI-powered features of a SoWork office, they do have some handy aspects. Their pomodoro timer feature allows you to set a block of time for solo or group deep work. You're also able to lock the timer area you're in so you can work undisturbed. Both apps have a mobile version to accommodate users that need to be AFK (away from keyboard). With this, you're able to access basic functionality like proximity chats and private meetings. Both gather town and SoWork allow for screensharing multiple screens, and both have a great Google Calendar integration, where you can see upcoming meetings while you're in the app. While gather town has recently released a few work productivity tools, like their new desktop mini mode, they seem to put more consideration into social games with your team vs. meetings and productivity.

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Need to take a meeting while mobile?

How to Dial-in to a Meeting in SoWork:

✨To have a colleague join a meeting by phone you'll need to click on your own avatar and select Start a Meeting. From here, you'll see a menu where you can select Create Dial-In Invitation.

✨From this menu you will be prompted to join a Private Meeting so you can invite your colleague. On the following screen you will see the instructions to send to your colleague.

✨You're able to select Copy Instructions to Clipboard to make this quick and easy! Here your colleague will need to call the appropriate number for their location, and then enter the 12-digit code when prompted on the phone. Done! They're in!

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