Integrations in SoWork Compared to Gather Town

Another wonderful perk of the virtual office is being able to integrate it with your daily tools, such as Google Calendar and Slack.
Easy access to integration setup in SoWork
Emma Giles, Co-Founder & Head of Product
June 30, 2023

Another wonderful perk of the virtual office is being able to integrate it with your daily tools. Both SoWork and gather town allow for the mixing and mingling of your other most used apps, such as Google Calendar and Slack, as well as the ability to embed document links and tools into objects around the office.

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A standout feature of SoWork's is their robust Google Calendar integration. The design is smooth, and it functions quite seamlessly. You're able to extract your calendar events into your SoWork space, then it only shows you your next few events in the What's Happening menu. This has proven to be useful for allowing you to focus on what's next, without having to look at your entire calendar for the day - which could get cluttered! A favourite aspect of this feature is the countdown that's shown below the event name in SoWork. It lets you know how much time is left until you're needed there, and you also get a notification 10 minutes before it starts, ensuring you'll always be on time - or, at least know when you're running late!

Meetings happen in these apps, so it's no surprise the Slack and Google Calendar integrations would be popular. In addition to these features, both gather town and SoWork have other work-based capabilities that allow for the use of whiteboards, timers, and embedding links and documents into your space for easy access.

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Gather town handles their in-app calendar a bit differently. Here, they show your entire day of events, and allow you to click on one to see any relevant details you've included. They don't have a countdown to your next meeting or event, so the experience in gather town is more simplistic, and perhaps not as functional for some. Gather town meetings tend to sneak by as the notification is silent, and it appears at the time of your meeting, but not beforehand.

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How to Use the Google Calendar Integration in SoWork

✨ Go to the Profile & Account menu on the bottom left of your screen. Click the Settings wheel. From here, go to the Integrations area.

✨ Here, you'll be able to install both the Google Calendar Integration, and the Slack integration.

✨ After installation, SoWork will have access to the calendar you've linked, and authorization and syncing are complete!

✨ Now you'll see your next meetings appear in the What's Happening menu denoted with a ⚡

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